Choose a plan that suits your needs

All plans have the complete e-offerte bot features included

Telegram Starter

The basic plan: all the bot features, support for a single amazon region - used in the free trial.


€15 / mo

  • Complete bot features
  • 1 region (1 Amazon store)
  • Telegram support in 48 hrs

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Telegram International

Expand your business in different countries - same keywords searched on multiple amazon stores


€25 / mo

  • Complete bot features
  • 2 regions (2 Amazon stores)
  • Telegram support in 24 hrs

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€40 / mo

  • Complete bot features
  • 3 regions (3 Amazon stores)
  • Telegram support in 8 hours

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€50 / mo

  • Complete bot features
  • 3 regions (3 Amazon stores)
  • Website per region (e.g /it, /de, /uk)
  • Telegram support in 8 hours
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The international plans with multiple regions allows you creating something like @e_offerte, @e_offerte_de, and @e_offerte_uk - multiple channels dedicated to the same topic.

Free Trial

Every new account has a Bronze tier 5 days free trial.
You can configure your account, try all the available features, understand the potential of the service, and also make money posting discounts on your Telegram channel.

Bot features

The bot you will have at yuor complete control is available at @discountposter_bot, and it allows to
  • Crawl Amazon for your product of choice (e.g. all the smartphones? all the dress of a specific brand? all consoles? you choose
  • Allows to manually add into the database products to monitor (this is the /monitor command - try it!)
  • Post on your channels every discount found (e.g. @discountposter_bot posts on @e_offerte, @e_offerte_uk, and @e_offerte_de)
  • Use your Amazon affiliate ID - all the earnings are yours
  • You can make the bot public and let the users use it (so they will populate the database for you) or keep it private
  • You can customize the thresholds for posting discounts and create a weekly calendar - when to start posting on Monday? When to stop?
  • Coupon support - for technical reasons this is a best-effort support. It's not guaranteed to find the coupon or the correct coupon every time a product is monitored.
NOTE - It's extremely important having an Amazon Affiliate account that's been verified. Before doing any purchase, please be sure to be able to generate the Amazon Product Advertising API Access Key, as explained in the overview.
More information in the Amazon Documentation.
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