e-offerte bot creation and management

Create your Telegram Bot

Creating the bot is a straightforward process. Talk to BotFather and follow a few simple steps. At the end of the bot creation process, you'll get your authorization token - store it since you will use it later.

Create your Telegram channel

The channel where all the discounts will be posted - you can re-use a channel you already have or create a new one.
You must do this from you telegram client (from your PC or smarthphone). Keep note of the address you generate, e.g. https://t.me/your_channel_name.

Promote your bot as Administrator

The bot needs the full ownership of the channel - go to the channel settings in the Administrator section, and search and add your bot as adimistrator.

Create your Bitly account

Bitly is the tool used by Amazon to get the amzn.co shortened URLs.

  1. Create an account on bitly.com
  2. Follow this short guide on How do I generate an OAuth access token for the Bitly API? and save the bitly access token for later.

Create your Amazon affiliate account

Depending on your region of choice, you have to create an account on a different website, eg:

Save your affiliate ID! Usually something like whatever-21
Once you created it, you need to get your Amazon Product Advertising API (Amazon PAPI) Key. Go to Tools -> Product Advertising API
In the Manage Credentials section, add a New Credential and store BOTH the acess Key ID and the Secret Access Key.

Configure & control the bot

With the credentials provided, login at The login page and fill the Bot settings.

Bot settings

  1. The bot name without the @
  2. The bot Token
  3. The start and stop hour (the bot will post on the channel you created only during these hour range, in the region time zone)
  4. Add as many keywords you want: these are the keywords that your bot will use to crawl Amazon and create its product database.
  5. The bot comes with the support for one region (e.g. one amazon store) in the basic plan. Every region requires the configuration using the bitly and amazon credentials, together with the customization of the messages you send to the channel (or bot users - if you want to make the bot public).

    Region, Amazon, Bitly

    The configuration of the Region, Amazon, and Bitly sections are trivial. The Region timezone controls the hours in which you'll post the messages in your channel. All the other settings are easy to understand.

    You have to fill every fields using the data you got from the Amazon PAPI and bitly API registration.

    Telegram configuration

    The most important field, is the Channel ID - this is the id (with the @, like @e_offerte) of the channel where the discounts will be automatically posted.
    All the other settings are related to the messages sent to the bot user / discoiunt format. Certain messages support markdown syntax and these messages contains variable fields to use to create custom messages and styles.

    Starting & Stopping the Bot

    The Bot Control sections allows you to start and stop the bot with one click - you can also see the raw log to check what the bot is currently doing (not easy to understand, reserved for developers).
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