Amazon Telegram Bot

A ready to use service for Amazon affiliates - with a 5 days of free trial! Just use your PA-API* key to start your business on Telegram. Create your own discount channels, and let your users receive notification for any product they want - all the links will contain your referral!

Telegram Channels

Create a Telegram channel like @e_offerte and automatically posts all the deals found. It only needs a list of keyworkds to crawl!

Public or Private Bot

Public bot like @discountposter_bot? You can choose.

Multi Region Support

With the same bot you can monitor products on different Amazon's region. Expand your business in different countries*!

Crawler service

The bot crawls Amazon 24/7 to find every discount

Full Control

100% customization of bot messages, articles, message posting, and bot lifecycle.

Website service

To completely satisfy the Amazon ToS a website is required - the bot can automatically generate a website for you!
Available only on platinum plan

Want to give it a try? Subscribe and start a free 5 days trial!
* It's extremely important having an Amazon Affiliate account that's been verified. Before doing any purchase, please be sure to be able to generate the Amazon Product Advertising API Access Key, as explained in the overview.
More information in the Amazon Documentation.


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